Monday, September 8, 2008

Darnielle and Princess Peach

This is truly a gamer's wet dream come true in the form of an amazing Mountain Goats song. John teams up with Kaki King to pay homage to one of the greatest video game love stories of all time. It's called "Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle" and you can find it here! Please check this one out!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leaky Reviews

Okkervil River- The Stand-Ins

So, if you put the cover art of last release from Okkervil River above the cover of the newest album, it completes a macabre, melancholy picture that serves as an excellent metaphor for the relationship between the two LPs. The newest effort from Will and company is not so much a new album, but a continuation, or completion to the last. It serves as a beautiful and catharthic climax to tack on to the tail of The Stage Names (2007). But, you don't need to make the comparison to find this record brilliant. From the first listen, Sheff's strained tenor, which serves as the focal point above some awesome guitar/ piano harmony, will pull you in and either make you weep or glow. I find myself biased whenever I attempt to review an Okkervil River album because personally, I feel moved when I hear this band, even coming out of some shitty, stock, laptop speakers. If you don't love this album, then you have no soul.

Conor Oberst- Conor Oberst

Since these LPs leaked at the same time I figured I'd give them a few listens and review them together. I didn't know that I would find myself writing some sort of "Hot and Not" gimmick, but that's the position I'm in right now. I'll start with the only positive thing I could possibly say about this... abomination. Say what you want about how bad this guy's last few records have been (Cassadaga (2007)) but it is very obvious that Oberst is maturing. Now, I don't necessarily feel he is growing in the right direction, but if you've noticed, he has found the type of music he wants to make and he is making some solid albums in that vein. He has no variation anymore, his voice, though still shaky, just doesn't have that "sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat" urgency about it. And I feel he has given up lyrically. This record lies flat for a majority of a listen. I used to be able to listen to him and feel something, I mean, I still feel something, but it's more of an urge to vomit rather than drink booze and cry about girls. I guess it's not really that bad, but I was really anticipating this one, as I was with Cassadaga. I would hesitate before you pre-order this one on i Tunes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best of '08 so far, according to Big A

So, I've been out of commission after a major surgery to my right arm, which has given me a chance to listen to a lot of the releases of 2008 that I haven't been able to get around to. I decided that it would be good to do a little list of the best that this year has had to offer, since we're at the halfway mark and all. Just a quick side note, I've been listening to some different bands lately so this list might not be the hippest, but well, fuck being hip.

10. Andrew Jackson Jihad- Only God Can Judge Me

Like I said, I've been listening to some different things lately, and this qualifies as one of them. Can't really remember how I first heard this folk punk two-some, but I was really pulled in from the first banjo twang. This EP demonstrates that the band can do more than play fast, and lyrically, they are as good as ever.

9. Silver Jews- Lookout Mountain/ Lookout Sea

This one was not as great as I expected, but, come one, anything by my main man David Berman can't be too disappointing. I might need to digest this more before I move it either up or completely off the list, but until then, it sits at 9.

8. Why?- Alopecia

I have never been to into this threesome until the most recent release. Alopecia marginally surprised me, and I was actually pretty impressed and found myself actually listening to the whole album through. I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that there wasn't much being released around the time of this one, but either way, it's pretty damn good.

7. m83- Saturdays= Youth

I've always been a staunch critic of dance/ club music and how some of these "artists" can swagger around the indie scene with such pride. I may be turning as I have found the most recent release from Anthony Gonzalez absouletely brilliant! If I was a leather pants-clad hipster-doofus, I would've put this higher on the list, but I still think most electronic music sucks.

6. Destroyer- Trouble in Dreams

This is another album I need to log a few more listens into, but even after the first time I heard this release I was impressed. This might move up the list by the end of the year.

5. Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes

This was an awesome album that I was really looking forward to hearing after their EP came out. I heard the leak pretty early and sadly, I had really over-listened it by the time of the actual release, but I think this was everything I was expecting from this up-and-coming indie group.

4. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy- Lie Down in the Light

When I first heard this album, I thought it would be a mood- sensitive album, like there rest of his releases; boy, was I wrong. I could listen to this album back to back through any activity, mood, weather, or apocalyptic disaster. This is one that I can guarantee will be on the end of the year list!

3. Girl Talk- Feed the Animals

Cries of "Overrated!" could be heard from bloggers coast to coast as the release date approached for Greg Gillis' project's 2008 release. After being thrust into the limelight with his magnum opus, Night Ripper, many expected him to fade away like so many blog-darlings do. But Greg would not relent, he would not give up, he would fight his way to the top! And with this awesome album he does just that, expect this to be an '08 party starter!

2. Santogold- Santogold

Santi White has done what many artists expect to do in a decade in less than a year. After the release of her self-titled album, which absolutely blew me, and many I know, away, she has gone on to record with Pharrell and is even about to tour with Coldplay (you know how I know she's gay... oh, forget it.) This is a must have for anyone, with any musical taste.

1. The Gaslight Anthem- The '59 Sound

This will probably be disputed by most other bloggers, and really anyone who claims to have a refined indie taste. Well, don't let these charlatans swindle you out of hearing one of the best rock n' roll albums of all time. So what if it sounds like Springsteen, these guys make him look a tutu-wearing creep. I picked this album as number one because it really stuck on me, I find myself telling everyone I know to check it out, and listening to it every chance I get. To get the full effect, chug a beer, and another, and another, then enjoy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Paste Interview with Doug Martsch

Doug Martsch of Built to Spill talks about the current indie music scene. link
"And I feel, myself, that there’s not a whole lot I can learn from some 25-year-old from America.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I Was Running

mp3: A-Trak - "Mastered" ft. Lupe Fiasco

He should make the cover of Thrasher. This song is from the Running Man mix for Nike.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Popcast: Girl Talk - Feed The Animals Listening Party

Check out the Popsicle listening party. This week's subject is Girl Talk's new album, Feed The Animals.

mp3: Popcast # 1

Monday, May 26, 2008

W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E Video

He stands on R2D2 in it but it's still not even close to the best music video ever made: